America, Meet the Stroopwafel

A little background – my fabulous cousin Ashley and her husband, Scott, moved to Amsterdam almost exactly a year ago for Scott’s job from Virginia.  When I lived outside of DC  for a few years I became kind of their resident third wheel and LOVED it.  So when I found out I was heading to France for work, I made a pit stop in Amsterdam to spend a few days with them (and their French bulldog Frank)!

Many people seem to think of Amsterdam as a place to get high and walk down the Red Light District, but in my two trips there I have seen a very pretty, relaxing, fun, and friendly city.  This trip we enjoyed taking Frank to the dog park, eating a FANTASTIC brunch at Bakers and Roasters, and overall just hanging out with one another.  But since I was back, I had to buy some Stroopwafels to bring home to Luke.

For those of you who haven’t tried Stroopwafels, you are missing out.  According to Wikipedia, a Stroopwafel (literally “syrup waffle”) is:

a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle

But I think they are best described as carmely, waffley crack cookies.  A quick google search told me that (surprisingly) you can buy them online at Wal-Mart if you are interested in trying them!

OK so while in Europe I did actually do some work.  I spent two days visiting local Powersports dealerships outside of Paris.  I was amazed that despite being across the world and having unique market needs, the Powersports Industry here is very similar.  I had the pleasure of sipping champagne with a few local customers and just loved how even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, I could see and feel their passion for riding.


It was a moment of gratitude and appreciation for my job and the people that I get to meet!

Now even though I’d love to stay and explore, I’m selfishly super excited for my flight tomorrow.  It is the one time where my only priority in an 8-hour time period is to sleep, watch movies, drink wine, and munch on the stash of Stroopwafels I packed 🙂