Meet Buddy!

I know I say that all of our fosters are the best, but for the first time we were actually really close to foster failing.

I “picked” Jughead (re-named buddy because, let’s be honest, Jughead is just a dumb name) as our next foster back in early December.  In his “help me” photo it said he was 1-2 years old and 30 lbs, but all I saw was this cute little puppy face looking back at me!  He was the perfect size for Stella and Luke and I are generally drawn to hound mixes so it seemed great!

Jughead 8

He was supposed to ride to MN from a shelter in Arkansas on December 16th with some of his other friends, but the poor little dude tore his toenail and had to be sedated, which meant he missed the “freedom ride.”  They don’t have rides going from Arkansas very often so they didn’t think he would be able to come to MN for at least a month.

We were all set to foster and another pup from the same shelter didn’t have a home so last-minute we brought Winnie (formerly known as Shirley Temple – again, dumb name) home on the 16th.


Winnie was a very sweet, calm dog but only ended-up being with us for only four days.  A lovely young man ended-up taking her as a foster-fail – she is living the artsy life hanging out with him all day at a Children’s Theater (CUTE)!

Conveniently little Buddy was able to catch a freedom ride up north that same week, so finally he came to us the Friday before Christmas.

At first he was extremely docile and scared.  He essentially didn’t move from the same spot on our rug for two days unless we fed him or picked him up to go outside, etc.  We were kind of wondering what we had gotten ourselves into!  Also unfortunately for buddy, it was Christmas weekend so we threw him right into the Tucker family gathering.  He went to my sister’s house (with two other dogs and a baby) and still basically stuck to his dog bed the whole day.

Jughead 2

It wasn’t until around day 4 that he started to come out of his shell, and immediately he bonded with Stella – they play SO WELL together!  We hosted a party for New Years and had 3 other dogs at our house plus several people and kids, and he did great!

He is now all goofy/playful/clumsy personality, housebroken, and has learned to sit nicely for food/treats.  He sleeps nicely on his bed at night and after an incident with his kennel one day (photo below – I’m not even mad, more impressed!!) he hangs out in a room with Stella all day without accidents.

jughead 9

Quick sidebar on his daytime activities – I purchased a Nest on black Friday for future baby Fox.  It essentially streams live video via a phone/tablet app with sound (and you can talk back to it too!).  I decided to try it out on the dog’s room the other day and O.M.G. it is SO entertaining!  Stella basically sleeps in her cozy cave all day, and when buddy isn’t roaming/whining/bugging her he also calmly sleeps on his bed.  Amazing how fun it is to watch nothing happen all day :).

So despite being obsessed with this little cutie, with baby Fox coming this spring it just probably isn’t the right time to get a second dog.  So Buddy is still adoptable via Secondhand Hounds and would be the perfect family/brewery/go anywhere dog!

Who is looking for a new family member?!


Hopper – Our 3-Legged Foster

As I mentioned in my last post, things have been a bit mental lately.  All good stuff, but Gopher Football, travel, the Alzheimer’s fundraiser, and a little thing called growing a baby – we’ve had our hands full!

Because of this we agreed (or more like Luke set the necessary boundary) that after Jammie we would wait to foster again after things slowed-down.  Essentially that meant after Thanksgiving.

I survived a few months of quickly scrolling over any sad or super cute pups on the Secondhand Hounds page, but then this I saw this:

june 1

Quick sidebar, this screenshot is typical of “our process” – when I find dogs I’m obsessed with and want to foster, I send these photos to Luke and hope that he says yes!  Note I’m not trying to throw my husband under a bus, he keeps things manageable in our household and without him I probably would have 3 dogs, a million things going on, and would be going insane!

This dog stood out to me for three main reasons:

1.) She looks a bit like our dog, Stella
2.) Her leg was shot and had to be amputated..WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE
3.) She was on her way to MN that weekend and had no home

These things apparently stood out to Luke too, and his text response was literally “God Dammit Fine” despite knowing he would be alone with the dog about a week since I was going to be gone.  He is the best.

We picked June up last Friday and oh my goodness is she a cutie!  She is a little over a year old, and some sort of beagle, boxer, who knows mix (around 40 pounds I would guess).


She is super happy-go-lucky and rocks three legs!  She gets around extremely well and has some serious speed when her and Stella play chase!  She is also a huge cuddle bug, preferring to lay belly up like the photo above.

This video is a good example of her just fun, goofy personality:


No disrespect to the reality TV star, but the name “Momma June” was just too trashy for this fantastic little dog who has overcome so much in her short life.  So after getting to know her, we have been calling her Hopper 🙂

Hopper is staying with a temp foster while Luke and I are out of town, and when we get back we will check to make sure her ear infection is cleared-up and think she will be ready for adoption!

Pup-Date – Jammie!


Little Jimmy Jams (now Julien) got adopted to a fantastic family in Wayzata!  They are absolutely in love and appreciate all of his silly hound-ness!  We got our “family photo” before he left and like all of them I was a hot mess when we had to say goodbye.


But of course we are so happy he is now with his forever-home and are so lucky we have fund such great adopters again!



To our surprise (I’m not complaining) we have had our current Secondhand Hounds foster, Jammie, for about 3 weeks.  Since he is the cutest little munchkin we assumed that he would be adopted quickly, but with over 220 dogs on the site we think he probably is just getting lost in the sea of cuteness.

We also thought that since he was a goofball little puppy we wouldn’t get attached but we were wrong – he is just THE BEST!  He charms everyone he meets and has chilled-out a lot since we got him.  He now sleeps with us in bed (much to Luke’s dismay) and unlike Stella just chills curled-up in a ball of soft fur in the same spot all night.  When he doesn’t know what to do he chomps his jaw and reminds me a lot of those alligators on Donkey Kong you have to avoid!

Although he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he has caught-on quickly to potty training and has learned to sit!

He and Stella have also become besties – I busted them snuggling the other day and actually teared-up it was so cute (I mean their legs are intertwined…ahhhh)!

image1 (00000004)

Other than being cute he is doing really well and is still a healthy pup.  He did over-play with Stella and sprained his toe (yes that is a thing for dogs) but with some pain meds and “trying” to keep him from playing for a few days that is all healed-up!  He also got neutered (sorry bud) a couple weeks ago so he is ready to be adopted!

We have a meeting tonight with a potential adopter so paws crossed!

Meet Jammie!

After Reuger, Luke and I took a bit of a break and decided our next foster pup through Secondhand Hounds would be a cute, fun, healthy puppy.  We are huge supporters of their fighter fund program (the program that takes-in dogs that need extra medical attention), but given our schedule this summer we were looking for more of a short-term and light-hearted pup.

We wanted to wait until after the 4th of July (our favorite holiday of the year) but when I saw the picture of this little shorty I fell in love!

Jammie was found in Oklahoma (along with his siblings Cammie and Hammie) as a stray.  He is an 8-month-old Basset Hound mix and is just the CUTEST, but most goofy puppy.  He is clumsy, has huge paws, and loves to play!  He also loves to chat – if he wants to play, needs attention, or is having fun he will let you know which is pretty funny.

I recently got my husband to agree to let him sleep in the bed with us and he is SUCH a good snuggler – stays in the same place all night, preferably right next to you 🙂

He also doesn’t let his short stature get him down (or keep him from a treat, he eventually got it)!

He and our resident pup Stella play continuously and have been getting along great – He is just what we were looking for in a foster, and his future forever fam is extremely lucky!


Thriving Foster Pups – Pupdate

Happy Thursday (and almost Holiday weekend)!  I don’t know about you, but the week before a holiday I am DRAGGING.  The days seem long and I’m counting-down to the weekend.  So when I got a text with the world’s most adorable picture (below) my day and week was made and I felt the need to share the love!

Chance Prom

A photo of Chance from his foster – he attended doggie “prom” at his doggie daycare!

This is a photo of Chance from our first round of foster pups – in a tiny hat.  with a bow tie.  attending “prom” (too much cuteness!!!).  Apparently his new fantastic owners are out of town so brought him to Doggie Day Care at La Dee Dogs in Waite Park, MN where they hosted a “Doggie Prom.” I feel like this photo couldn’t get any better!

We of course haven’t forgotten about Mr. Roogs.  It has now been almost three weeks since we said goodbye to our most recent foster pup, Reuger (now Eddie) and many have asked how he is doing.  I made it one whole (almost) day without checking-in and his new family has been great about putting my mind at ease.  As expected it took him a few days to settled and “pep up” but now he is doing great!  She takes him for walks daily which he loves, and he enjoys having the entertainment of her two boys.  He of course has been a snuggle bug with them and is just as food motivated as ever (he got into the cat’s food)!

She also managed to get a photo of him where he doesn’t look miserable (he is notorious for sad face photos) so I’d say he is doing great!

These updates make me SO happy, and I’m lucky so far the adoptive families have kept me (and all of you) up-to-date on these fantastic dogs!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!



Bittersweet Goodbyes – The Downside to Dog Fostering

Well, today was hard.  After almost four months, Reuger found his forever home!

This is obviously an extremely positive thing – logically I know this is why we foster, logically I know that he will thrive with his new family, and logically I know he will be a happy dog.  Well I’m an emotional individual and at this particular moment say screw logic, I miss my pup.

Reuger has been a part of our family since January and we have been through a lot together.  We have watched him transform from a timid, slow, and extremely sick dog to the goofy, sweet, playful pup he is.  We took him to vet visits, we know his quirks, and while we hate when his cold nose nudges us demanding attention, we love his snuggles.  We can both honestly can say we love the little guy.

And what really breaks our heart the most is knowing the he loves us back.  I can’t help but worry he will think we gave up on him.  Again, I am probably giving his mental capacity too much credit and logic would tell me dogs are adaptable but man that is the worst part about this goodbye.

Many people have asked why we don’t just adopt Reuger.  And actually the most common response I get when I say we foster is “how do you not keep them all.”  The only thing really keeping us from adopting is that if we had two dogs with our lifestyle/home we couldn’t keep fostering.  There are too many more pups to save for that!  While the goodbyes suck seeing pictures of Chance with a giant smile and the joy these families get from these dogs makes it worth it.

We also have final say in the forever families of our foster pups, and Tracy, Reuger’s new owner, gives me a great vibe.  She has stuck around and waited for Reuger while he went through another round of treatment and knows ALL of his quirks/some of the issues we have had with him.  Her and her boys will be great for Reuger and I can’t wait to see some pup-dates!


Don’t let his sad face fool you, he went to her without looking back!


Alright I’m off to have a glass of wine (or a few) and some comfort food (mac and cheese…even though I’m lactose intolerant because I can…)!


Roogs – Pupdate Round 2

I figured it was time for another Reuger pup-date!  Before I get into the latest (some good and some bad, poor Reuger) I want to show how much progress he has made.

If you remember when we got Reuger he was in pretty bad shape.  He was put on antibiotics (Ketoconazole and Cephalexin) for 60 days and as you can see from the below he looks so much better!

before after

The first photo was taken about a week after we got Reuger, and the second after two months.  I mentioned in my last update that Reuger was acting and feeling so much better, and that has only continued to improve.  The hair on his backside has filled-in even more since this photo!

Alright so back to the latest – since Reuger had completed his medications he was ready to be adopted.  He was posted to the Secondhand Hounds website (check-out his bio here!) and to get the word out on this cool dude we brought him to an adoption event at Bentley’s Pet Stuff in Edina.  He did GREAT at the event and people liked meeting him!


After the event Luke and I went out to a dinner, and when we got home Reuger was a different dog.  Extremely docile, crabby/agitated, and lethargic.  He even became aggressive towards us when we tried to move him which was not like him at all.  We thought maybe the day was just too much for him, but after a few days we got approval from Secondhand Hounds to bring him back to Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital.

The bummer thing about dogs is that they can’t talk (although helpful I always found Clifford a bit creepy…) so it was tough to figure out what the issue was.  He didn’t have any wounds, didn’t seem to be in pain, and his blood work came back pretty normal – all good but not helpful in diagnosing!  They decided to put him back on Cephalexin thinking maybe his infection had come back and he wasn’t feeling well.

After about a week of being on the medication he finally was back to himself.  He just finished a mini two-week dose yesterday so I took him back to the vet to see next steps.  They thankfully decided we are going to try keeping him off of antibiotics to see how he does (fingers crossed).

While we were there we also had the vet look at a few bumps that appeared on his leg and on a couple of his paws.  They took a biopsy and essentially aren’t sure what it is!  Good news is that they don’t think it is anything serious, but to be sure they are going to send a sample to a lab to confirm.

Alright onto some good news – Reuger has not been aggressive with us since his “funk.”  He stayed with Luke’s parent’s (thanks Terry and Roxie) while Luke and I were on vacation and was great for them which made us feel better about him being with a new family!

His new flow and charming personality has also made him a hot commodity!  We have a SECOND meeting with a very interested (and fantastic) family this weekend, and have three other applications waiting as well!

Luke has been gone this week so I’ve been on puppy-duty.  We have enjoyed facetiming Luke and as you can see below Reuger loves to tease Stella with her favorite bone (which essentially is any bone Reuger has) 🙂


While we have loved having him as part of our family for three-plus months, we want him to find his forever home.  Hoping all goes well this weekend and with the results of his bump!

Side bar – check out this adorable Chance update:

“He has gotten really big…AND his love for digging in the snow has taken a new turn.  Muddy!! :)”


Stella & Dot Fundraiser

Anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is through dogs.  So when my husband’s fantastic and generous cousin Sandi offered to throw a Stella and Dot fundraiser for Secondhand Hounds, I was in.  What is better than wine, food, friends, and jewelry all for a good cause?!

Outside of loving this get together’s theme, I was excited to try some fun and cute but healthy(ish) recipes on the crowd (unfortunately summer is coming, it is time to shed the winter coat and get back in shape).  The party was on a Thursday night so I needed to make things that could be prepared in advance and quick to prep day-of since I work full-time.  The start-time was also 6:30pm so I wanted some hearty options as well since this was likely dinner for the ladies.

Here is the menu I chose:

These were colorful and very healthy/easy to make!  I made these in advance and froze which worked just fine.

My aunt introduced me to this dip – I love it because it is light but also very flavorful, and a good change of scenery from the typical cheese dips.

Admittedly I didn’t have all of the ingredients for these (lemongrass, turmeric, white pepper) but they still turned out great (despite having fish sauce in them, I HATE cooking with fish sauce, the smell is awful).  I served them with store-bought peanut sauce as well since I was afraid I had sacrificed some flavor (they actually turned out good!).  I prepped and skewered these in advance and froze as well.

These were actually easier to make than I had anticipated.  Some of the Parmesan crust fell-off when I removed them from the pan but they were still tasty.  These were actually the crowd favorite!  I made these the night before and heated them up in the oven with the rest of the food for about 10 minutes.

  • Buffalo Chicken Bites kind of made-up by me

I have made various versions of these before, but this time my goal was to use-up what was in my refrigerator.  I cut crescent rolls into about 2″ squares and placed them in a mini muffin pan, so they made little cups.  Bake for about 10 minutes, until golden brown then add the buffalo chicken:  1-2 cups of shredded chicken with frank’s red hot sauce and ranch dressing mix.  I started with 1/4 cup hot sauce and 1 tablespoon of the seasoning then adjusted based on flavor.  Place back in the oven until warm, about 10-15 minutes then top with blue cheese and green onion.  These were also made ahead of time and frozen!

  • Veggies and my mom’s famous Dill Dip

Carrots, broccoli, and snow peas served with my favorite dill dip (recipe in this blog post)

  • Fruit Skewers with Peanut Butter Dip

Layered strawberries, pineapple, and cantelope onto wood skewers (that I cut in half) and served with a super easy but yummy peanut butter dip (also known as crack dip in my book club) – just two parts vanilla greek yogurt to one part creamy peanut butter.  I have been known to shamelessly eat this with a spoon by itself 🙂

These little buggers another new favorite dessert party trick of mine.  They are SO CUTE and different than anything I have ever made.  The base is Kodiak Cake Mix which is higher in protein and lower in fat/sugar than a lot of other cake mixes.  My great neighbor Brie introduced me to these and gave the tip to add a tsp of almond extract to the recipe for added flavor.  I used a mini donut pan so the only time consuming part is waiting for the multiple batches to bake.  You place the batter into zip lock baggie and pipe into the donut pan.  For the mini donuts I baked at 350 degrees for 6 and a half minutes – it doesn’t take long so be sure to watch the first time and see what works best for your oven!  Also per Brie’s recommendation I went with a powdered sugar glaze.  I just dipped the little guys into the frosting and they were SO CUTE.  TIP: I made these the night before and stored them in the fridge, when I took them out for the party all of the frosting had soaked into the donut.  They were still very tasty and a big hit, but not up to my visual standards so I would recommend frosting them the day-of.

Outside of food, here are some other fun things I did for the party:

  • Paw Print Wine Glasses: My mother-in-law Roxie helped me pull this detail off last minute!  She cut circles out of black paper and hot-glued them to the plastic glasses as little paw prints for people to write their initials and keep track of their cups!


  • Dog Treat Party Favors: As a thank-you to my friends for coming, I filled clear/gold cellophane bags from target with dog treats and tied with pink tulle with the note “Thank you for Coming, Love Reuger.” Full disclosure I was going to hand-make the dog treats but ran out of time.  My friends still thought it was cute and it got the point across!
  • Shout out to Total WineSo this isn’t something special, but in preparation for this party i took my first trip to Total Wine.  MIND BLOWN.  This place is a drinker’s heaven!  I walked-in in total awe, then immediately got overwhelmed.  Have no fear their CRAZY FRIENDLY staff is there to point you to their favorite wines of each type all which were under $10!  As you can tell I’m obsessed and wondering why I never checked this place out before.

Reuger (our current foster pup) got dolled-up for the occasion with a bath and “adopt me” bandanna.  He was definitely a hit with the ladies and made some new friends, which is encouraging for when he is ready to be adopted!


It was so fun getting my girlfriends from different groups together to chit chat and support a good cause!  Thank you again to Sandi for supporting Secondhand Hounds and to all of those who joined.  I have an amazing group of women in my life 🙂

If you are interested in Stella and Dot, a portion of your purchases via this link will go to Secondhand Hounds through the 23rd of March 2017!


Transformation Tuesday – Reuger Pupdate

Just figured our foster pup Reuger (or Roogs as he is known in our house) needs a shout-out for #TransformationTuesday!  As you can see from the before/after below, he looks (and smells) much better.

We took him to Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital last week (love their staff, especially Dr. Everly) and they were “tremendously pleased” with his progress.  He has completed a full 30-day treatment for his bacterial skin infection, skin yeast infection, and ear infection and has seen significant hair regrowth around his face and back  (he’s also only mildly smelly now).  Dr. Everly also left me a voicemail containing a bunch of words that sounded like Harry Potter characters but essentially his blood work also showed improvement!  (For those nerds out there his albumin has normalized, globulins are better, anemia has normalized)

He still has traces of the infection and is completely bare on his belly so we are going to do another 30-day treatment.  He also hasn’t gained any weight, likely from fighting chronic infection, so we upped his food to two cups twice per day (easier to hide his pills in)!

Although it is great he looks better, seeing him come out of his shell now that he FEELS better has been the most fun.  He went from acting like a 12-year-old to acting like a two-year-old goofily hopping along (the vet thinks he is four based on his teeth).  He and Stella initially just kind of co-existed, but now won’t stop playing with each other (or fighting for our attention).  He is a BIG snuggler and will do anything for a treat.  He also has found his voice, barking a bit when he sees a rabbit, gets excited, or wants to tell Stella to stop stealing his bones.  He feels so good he even ate my lasagna the other day 😉

Don’t let him fool you, he is still a bit of a creeper though!


He sat like this for too long…

We of course want him to find his forever home, but selfishly are enjoying getting to know him and having more time with him.  Next step is to teach him to lay down and some better food manners then see what the vet says in 30 days!

Way to go Roogs!

Meet Reuger!

Luke and I are back at fostering through Secondhand Hounds, and this time we get to hang out with a 4-5 year old lab-ish mix named Reuger (pronounced Roo-ger) until he finds his forever home!

After Chance and Andy we took some time to hang with our number 1 (Ms. Stella) and travel for the holidays, with the plan to get back at it after the new y ear.  As Luke can confirm, I was looking at dogs available to foster daily finding the right one who needed our help, when I came across this photo with the caption:

Reuger has severe demodex mange (non contagious), a secondary bacterial skin and eye infection along with full body hair loss.  He has ulcers all over his body and swollen feet.  His nails were so long they were grown into the pads of his feet


I mean if that Sarah McLaughlin song doesn’t start playing in your head as you look at this you have no soul!

We committed to fostering Reuger at the end of December and he arrived from somewhere down south on Saturday the 21st of January.  He was moving pretty slowly and looked like it hurt him to walk, so we took him to the vet.  Turns out he no longer has mange, but still has the secondary bacterial infection all over his body plus a yeast infection (this is Yeast Dermatitis, another infection of the skin) plus an infection in both ears.  He is also anemic and underweight 😦  Long story short this poor guy has a lot going on (and unfortunately the yeast infection gives him a VERY pungent odor)!

Good news is that this is all treatable with 30 days of prescriptions, and he is already feeling better! (that was until we took him to get neutered today, sorry bud!)

He is great to have around – very chill, loves to be by his humans, and is already potty trained!  Plus after a week of daddy daycare (I traveled the first week we got him) Luke taught him to sit and lay down!

He is a bit of a creeper though, he somehow finds his way from the way back of my SUV next to my face every time we get in the car!


Just creepin!  (ignore the eye goop, this was right after he was neutered and it was from when they put him under)


I look forward to showing some improvement photos as the month progresses and to get this guy lookin’ fly to meet his forever family!

P.S. I got another pup-date from Chance’s parents – THAT SMILE THOUGH!  She said he is still as happy and snuggly as can be, and has started to do this “smile” regularly (heart = melting)!