The (Surprising) Arrival of Baby Fox!

Luke said it well that we couldn’t be happier to meet our little peanut but I’d be lying if i said this last week hasn’t also been a bit of a test in flexibility and grace for this A-type planner 😉

To give a little background – about a week prior to delivery I started having really bad middle back pain and numbness in my right hand.  I called the nurse and this was normal, baby could be sitting on a nerve, etc.  It continued throughout the week but i got some relief with a visit to the chiropractor (I am now hooked ha).  Luke and I then traveled on Friday to Virginia for my cousin’s wedding with the rest of my family.  I had been having a very normal, healthy pregnancy and was cleared by doctor to go – why sit at home with FOMO over just back pain?

I continued to not feel/sleep well in Virginia, and started to get intense abdominal pain as well.  I called my clinic on Saturday before the wedding just to re-confirm this was normal.  They said it was tough to diagnose pain over the phone but sounded like a nerve/disc issue.  This ultimately ended-up being the best thing for us, if they would have sent us to the ER we would probably still be in VA!

I got to enjoy my cousin’s (beautiful) wedding and flew home on Sunday.  I went to the chiropractor again on Monday hoping for some relief again, and headed to my normal OB appointment.

I had Luke drive me and come with me, since the back pain made it hard to drive and I knew something wasn’t quite right.  My blood pressure was high, I had protein in my urine, and I was pretty swollen by this point so my doctor sent us immediately (in a cheery yet pointed voice) to the hospital.

From there things start to get hazy, but labs showed I had severe preeclampsia and HELLP, so essentially my blood pressure was crazy and my liver was not functioning well.  All combined with crazy platelet counts caused a need for an emergency c-section at 34 weeks 1 day within a couple hours of my appointment.


Despite the eviction notice from my body baby is doing very well (actually she is a rockstar) just needs to grow and get basic (and normal) things like breathing/eating on her own down in the NICU for a few weeks.  We channeled my inner Scandinavian roots and named her Anika Elizabeth (Elizabeth after my and Luke’s grandma).  She is perfect.  Note her name is pronounced Ah-nick-a, we googled how to best spell and got multiple answers so just settled on one N, if it is wrong I’m blaming the magnesium IV i was on when i wrote it down 🙂

Luke and i are now home from the hospital and as I sit here pumping (guess this is the new normal right moms?!) I am feeling extremely grateful.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the calls, texts, thoughts, prayers, visits, everything.  And especially my mom/sister who just knew what I needed when i didn’t, and for taking care of our fur baby 🙂

And Luke has been my rock – I’ve felt a bit helpless in my own recovery and he has taken care of everything, even buying nursing stuff at target for me 🙂  Anika and I are lucky to have him.

Overall this has been a very humbling experience and i can’t thank everyone enough for surrounding us and little Anika with support!

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

As you have read through this blog, I love to host and get super jacked about little details, but my family takes the cake when it comes to throwing a party!

This past weekend my sister, with the help of my mom/aunts, hosted a woodland themed baby shower for baby Fox and it was absolutely amazing.  The food details, decor, etc – UGH if Kristen weren’t such a boss lady during her day job I’d recommend she quit and take-up party planning full-time!

Let’s start with the food:

They used wood serving platters to bring-in the theme along with some accent foods:

  • “Birch” Sticks (white chocolate covered pretzels drizzled with chocolate
  • “Acorns” (oreo balls dipped in chocolate with sprinkles/pretzels)
  • Fox Cookies (sugar cookies decorated like little foxes)
  • “Succulents” (mini dirt cakes with a plastic succulent)
  • “Mushrooms” (1/2 of a cherry tomato on top of a mozzarella cheese stick with pesto)

Additionally they served chicken salad sandwiches, turkey/cucumber croissants, cheese/crackers, fruit kabobs, and bacon cheese balls.  Needles to say we did NOT go hungry!

The Games/Decor:

The theme was executed in a cute, whimsical way so it wasn’t overkill but all tied together.  Kristen did a nice job of incorporating practical items that can be used in the nursery and worn by baby as well!

  • “Stay Clever Little Fox” sign: She used a wood cut-out with a cute sign on the front for baby’s nursery, and shower guests signed the back so baby and I can look back on who attended!
  • Iron-on decals: guests could make their own onesie or bib for baby Fox by ironing-on cute woodland decals
  • Late night diaper thoughts: This game is the best because it is practical and fun!  Guests write fun sayings on diapers to help get through long nights of diaper changes 🙂
  • Trail Mix Party Favor: The party favor was a bag of trail mix for guests to “fuel their next adventure”
  • Guess the Nursery Rhyme: As an interactive game, everyone received a sheet with different nursery characters and had to guess the name of the rhyme
  • Daddy Knows Best: My cousin and her boyfriend coordinated with my husband and interviewed him on a few baby related topics over video and guests had to guess what he would say.  It was so special to have my husband involved and to be able to hear his thoughts on the pregnancy/baby!  Here is the video 🙂

Baby Fox are so very lucky to have such wonderful, caring women in our lives and I can’t wait for her to join this crazy crew!