Meet Jammie!

After Reuger, Luke and I took a bit of a break and decided our next foster pup through Secondhand Hounds would be a cute, fun, healthy puppy.  We are huge supporters of their fighter fund program (the program that takes-in dogs that need extra medical attention), but given our schedule this summer we were looking for more of a short-term and light-hearted pup.

We wanted to wait until after the 4th of July (our favorite holiday of the year) but when I saw the picture of this little shorty I fell in love!

Jammie was found in Oklahoma (along with his siblings Cammie and Hammie) as a stray.  He is an 8-month-old Basset Hound mix and is just the CUTEST, but most goofy puppy.  He is clumsy, has huge paws, and loves to play!  He also loves to chat – if he wants to play, needs attention, or is having fun he will let you know which is pretty funny.

I recently got my husband to agree to let him sleep in the bed with us and he is SUCH a good snuggler – stays in the same place all night, preferably right next to you 🙂

He also doesn’t let his short stature get him down (or keep him from a treat, he eventually got it)!

He and our resident pup Stella play continuously and have been getting along great – He is just what we were looking for in a foster, and his future forever fam is extremely lucky!


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