Thriving Foster Pups – Pupdate

Happy Thursday (and almost Holiday weekend)!  I don’t know about you, but the week before a holiday I am DRAGGING.  The days seem long and I’m counting-down to the weekend.  So when I got a text with the world’s most adorable picture (below) my day and week was made and I felt the need to share the love!

Chance Prom

A photo of Chance from his foster – he attended doggie “prom” at his doggie daycare!

This is a photo of Chance from our first round of foster pups – in a tiny hat.  with a bow tie.  attending “prom” (too much cuteness!!!).  Apparently his new fantastic owners are out of town so brought him to Doggie Day Care at La Dee Dogs in Waite Park, MN where they hosted a “Doggie Prom.” I feel like this photo couldn’t get any better!

We of course haven’t forgotten about Mr. Roogs.  It has now been almost three weeks since we said goodbye to our most recent foster pup, Reuger (now Eddie) and many have asked how he is doing.  I made it one whole (almost) day without checking-in and his new family has been great about putting my mind at ease.  As expected it took him a few days to settled and “pep up” but now he is doing great!  She takes him for walks daily which he loves, and he enjoys having the entertainment of her two boys.  He of course has been a snuggle bug with them and is just as food motivated as ever (he got into the cat’s food)!

She also managed to get a photo of him where he doesn’t look miserable (he is notorious for sad face photos) so I’d say he is doing great!

These updates make me SO happy, and I’m lucky so far the adoptive families have kept me (and all of you) up-to-date on these fantastic dogs!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!



Bittersweet Goodbyes – The Downside to Dog Fostering

Well, today was hard.  After almost four months, Reuger found his forever home!

This is obviously an extremely positive thing – logically I know this is why we foster, logically I know that he will thrive with his new family, and logically I know he will be a happy dog.  Well I’m an emotional individual and at this particular moment say screw logic, I miss my pup.

Reuger has been a part of our family since January and we have been through a lot together.  We have watched him transform from a timid, slow, and extremely sick dog to the goofy, sweet, playful pup he is.  We took him to vet visits, we know his quirks, and while we hate when his cold nose nudges us demanding attention, we love his snuggles.  We can both honestly can say we love the little guy.

And what really breaks our heart the most is knowing the he loves us back.  I can’t help but worry he will think we gave up on him.  Again, I am probably giving his mental capacity too much credit and logic would tell me dogs are adaptable but man that is the worst part about this goodbye.

Many people have asked why we don’t just adopt Reuger.  And actually the most common response I get when I say we foster is “how do you not keep them all.”  The only thing really keeping us from adopting is that if we had two dogs with our lifestyle/home we couldn’t keep fostering.  There are too many more pups to save for that!  While the goodbyes suck seeing pictures of Chance with a giant smile and the joy these families get from these dogs makes it worth it.

We also have final say in the forever families of our foster pups, and Tracy, Reuger’s new owner, gives me a great vibe.  She has stuck around and waited for Reuger while he went through another round of treatment and knows ALL of his quirks/some of the issues we have had with him.  Her and her boys will be great for Reuger and I can’t wait to see some pup-dates!


Don’t let his sad face fool you, he went to her without looking back!


Alright I’m off to have a glass of wine (or a few) and some comfort food (mac and cheese…even though I’m lactose intolerant because I can…)!