Roogs – Pupdate Round 2

I figured it was time for another Reuger pup-date!  Before I get into the latest (some good and some bad, poor Reuger) I want to show how much progress he has made.

If you remember when we got Reuger he was in pretty bad shape.  He was put on antibiotics (Ketoconazole and Cephalexin) for 60 days and as you can see from the below he looks so much better!

before after

The first photo was taken about a week after we got Reuger, and the second after two months.  I mentioned in my last update that Reuger was acting and feeling so much better, and that has only continued to improve.  The hair on his backside has filled-in even more since this photo!

Alright so back to the latest – since Reuger had completed his medications he was ready to be adopted.  He was posted to the Secondhand Hounds website (check-out his bio here!) and to get the word out on this cool dude we brought him to an adoption event at Bentley’s Pet Stuff in Edina.  He did GREAT at the event and people liked meeting him!


After the event Luke and I went out to a dinner, and when we got home Reuger was a different dog.  Extremely docile, crabby/agitated, and lethargic.  He even became aggressive towards us when we tried to move him which was not like him at all.  We thought maybe the day was just too much for him, but after a few days we got approval from Secondhand Hounds to bring him back to Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital.

The bummer thing about dogs is that they can’t talk (although helpful I always found Clifford a bit creepy…) so it was tough to figure out what the issue was.  He didn’t have any wounds, didn’t seem to be in pain, and his blood work came back pretty normal – all good but not helpful in diagnosing!  They decided to put him back on Cephalexin thinking maybe his infection had come back and he wasn’t feeling well.

After about a week of being on the medication he finally was back to himself.  He just finished a mini two-week dose yesterday so I took him back to the vet to see next steps.  They thankfully decided we are going to try keeping him off of antibiotics to see how he does (fingers crossed).

While we were there we also had the vet look at a few bumps that appeared on his leg and on a couple of his paws.  They took a biopsy and essentially aren’t sure what it is!  Good news is that they don’t think it is anything serious, but to be sure they are going to send a sample to a lab to confirm.

Alright onto some good news – Reuger has not been aggressive with us since his “funk.”  He stayed with Luke’s parent’s (thanks Terry and Roxie) while Luke and I were on vacation and was great for them which made us feel better about him being with a new family!

His new flow and charming personality has also made him a hot commodity!  We have a SECOND meeting with a very interested (and fantastic) family this weekend, and have three other applications waiting as well!

Luke has been gone this week so I’ve been on puppy-duty.  We have enjoyed facetiming Luke and as you can see below Reuger loves to tease Stella with her favorite bone (which essentially is any bone Reuger has) 🙂


While we have loved having him as part of our family for three-plus months, we want him to find his forever home.  Hoping all goes well this weekend and with the results of his bump!

Side bar – check out this adorable Chance update:

“He has gotten really big…AND his love for digging in the snow has taken a new turn.  Muddy!! :)”


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