Transformation Tuesday – Reuger Pupdate

Just figured our foster pup Reuger (or Roogs as he is known in our house) needs a shout-out for #TransformationTuesday!  As you can see from the before/after below, he looks (and smells) much better.

We took him to Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital last week (love their staff, especially Dr. Everly) and they were “tremendously pleased” with his progress.  He has completed a full 30-day treatment for his bacterial skin infection, skin yeast infection, and ear infection and has seen significant hair regrowth around his face and back  (he’s also only mildly smelly now).  Dr. Everly also left me a voicemail containing a bunch of words that sounded like Harry Potter characters but essentially his blood work also showed improvement!  (For those nerds out there his albumin has normalized, globulins are better, anemia has normalized)

He still has traces of the infection and is completely bare on his belly so we are going to do another 30-day treatment.  He also hasn’t gained any weight, likely from fighting chronic infection, so we upped his food to two cups twice per day (easier to hide his pills in)!

Although it is great he looks better, seeing him come out of his shell now that he FEELS better has been the most fun.  He went from acting like a 12-year-old to acting like a two-year-old goofily hopping along (the vet thinks he is four based on his teeth).  He and Stella initially just kind of co-existed, but now won’t stop playing with each other (or fighting for our attention).  He is a BIG snuggler and will do anything for a treat.  He also has found his voice, barking a bit when he sees a rabbit, gets excited, or wants to tell Stella to stop stealing his bones.  He feels so good he even ate my lasagna the other day 😉

Don’t let him fool you, he is still a bit of a creeper though!


He sat like this for too long…

We of course want him to find his forever home, but selfishly are enjoying getting to know him and having more time with him.  Next step is to teach him to lay down and some better food manners then see what the vet says in 30 days!

Way to go Roogs!

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