Chance & Andy – UPDATE!

Remember our foster pups Chance and Andy?  Many of you have asked how they are doing, so I thought I would share some of the updates we have gotten!

According to Jen, Bryan, and Carter (Andy’s forever family and our good friends), Bauer (formerly Andy) is fitting-in perfectly.  He gets along great with his new puppy brother, Kato and human brother, Carter.  He gets to roam around the yard with Kato and has adjusted to the invisible fence.  He does still love to eat though, and has packed-on a few lbs eating Kato’s food (don’t worry bud, it’s the holiday season, happens to the best of us)!

Last weekend we got to have a sleepover with with Bauer and he is just as snuggly as ever!  He and Stella played non-stop and even napped together.


Chance’s forever parents say he is happy all the time and always wants to snuggle – I mean look at the picture below, is that not the definition of happy?!  (Heart = melting)


He got to experience his first snow running around on their land and had a blast!


We are fortunate to have found AMAZING forever families that not only provide the best homes possible for the pups but keep us in the loop!

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